❤Adrian Jaylene❤

I was heading to Danny's apartment when my mom called.

On phone

"Yes mum.I said

"Adrian. You

haven't visited us for so long. What's up with you? You have forgotten about your mom." she stead with a sad voice

"Mom.please.. I haven't forgotten you. I'm just busy. I promise I'll visit you in this week. Okay?" I said 

"Okay. I'll be waiting then" she said

"Sure. I'll be hanging up now. Call you later mom. Love you" i said

"Love you too." she said and hung up

I arrived Danny's' apartment after 25minutes of drive.

The elevator left me in his apartment. I got in and he wasn't in his living room...

I started walking around and i saw something capitative...I was about touching it when Danny came in. I left that place to the couch where he just sat on

"Danny...I said and he was startled

"When did you come in. and how come you didn't inform me?" he said 

"How about you answer this first... How the hell. Did you go behind me and purpose to Lane? A friend in which you and I know worked with before. But then, something came up and he had to leave. So. tell me what type of game are you playing and with whom?" I said

He looked at me as if he doesn't know what I'm talking of

"Danny. You won't like it if I remind you of what you did. And don't make me do.I said and raised his brows saying

"Loom. If were playing any games..I won't even come to you like that. I was just doing my job. If it happens that he has to be a partner again then. What's up with that?" he said and I narrowed my eyes at him saying

"You seem to have a lot of liberty and gods since the day you. hypnotized our members. Including my dad and mom. Just because I didn't mention if. Doesn't mean I don't know or ignored what you did. If I

have to really focus on that. Trust me Danny you won't be running your mouth this way." he opened his eyes wide surprised.

"I didn't come here to get into any sort of discussion with you..I came here to warn you. If you ever see me here again. Concerning something wrong you did; you won't go free this time. I'll make sure your mouth gets heavy every time you try to talk. Don't forget that!" I said. Leaving him in shock. After which I left.

I stopped on my way. And went to a bakery to buy Billie's favorite cake. With the best flavors.

I hopped in the car after buying it. and place it on the right chair. When i received a call from her. she called just on time

On phone

"I'm listening talk bird" i said

"Why do you sound so normal?" she asked..i

furrowed my brows

"What do you mean by..i sound so normal?" i asked

"Because you aren't normal. So, talking normal like this sounds really weird" she said and I sigh

"Billie. Have you been taking some drugs lately...?" I asked and she was silent over the phone.

"Billie. Are you drinking?" I asked again and she hissed.

"Yeah. just a little. Actually, I called to tell you. That the house is spinning. If you don't come quick. We're going to die...--" she said and I cut her words saying

"Billie. What exactly did you drink?"

Someone else responded..I think her friend

"Uhm..sorry she drank strong wine. It's Ashley her best friend"

"Alright. I'm on my way. I'll be coming soon. And please. give her some water.I said

"Ok. I'll do just that." She responded and I cut the call.

What the fuck was she thinking!

Billie does drink wine but. Highest a glass. If she goes beyond. She goes off completely. 

I knew about this one day when we were staying home all through a weak. We were working from home. 

❤Flash back❤

3weeks ago

"Billie. I'm damn serious." I said

"Why the hell do you keep doing this...?" she asked

"It was the deal.

so... drink it. Except if you're scared, you'll get drunk" i said

"Billie am not scared of nothing. Watch me." she said and drank one more glass.

"You see--" she cut her statement opening her eyes wide and then back to normal

"This isn't ending well.I said moving close to her cause of her reaction

"Stay back...I'm--" she said cutting her words again. She closed her eyes tide and opened it.

"Why is the house spinning Adrian?" she asked

"The house isn't spinning. Billie. Let me help you.I said and tried to lift her when she said

"A d r I a n what. Happened to your head. Gush!" I

furrowed my brows and said

"Don't trust what you see talk bird. You're not in your right senses." she furrowed her brows saying

"Are you insulting. Me?" she said and I laughed.

I carried her on my shoulder. And she screamed

"Put me down!" 

"Shh. I'm taking you somewhere safe" I said and she held my shirt from behind while screaming

"I'm been kidnapped..somebody help me. please" I smirked and said

"It's just you and I here talk bird. Nobody is listening you now. Except me" she shouted

"Nobody comes safe me. please." she kept quiet for a while and said again.

 "why aren't you responding. Even though I

don't know who are... Adrian.. just said you're listening to me. I know you're somewhere listening. Don't be afraid. Adrian is powerless." I laughed out while I arrived in her room and placed her on the bed.

I gave her water and put the cover over her chest. As she drifted to sleep.

unconsciously made a sound and she said still eyes closed

"Adrian. Is that you?" 

"Yeah.I said and she opened her eyes and said

"Oh my god! you're so handsome. How did you arrange your face?" 

"You should rest now." I said putting my hands over her eyelid to cover her eyes. But to no avail

"Billie. You need a nap." I said and she said almost like a whisper

"Just. Stay here...please." she said and I nodded.

After some seconds of staring at me. she drifted to sleep.

❤End of Flashback❤

I arrived home. Rushed in only to fine Billie and her friend sitting comfortably on the couch.

When they saw me. they all said unison

"Happy April fool day!"

 What the FUCK!


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