❤Billie Rolene❤

Lex is my ex..the one that irritates me most. When Ashley said that..i fell me world crashing. 

I don't have feelings for him..but the fact that my best freind had an affair with him..and more to that, got pregnant for him..hurts me so much.

"What!?" i asked to be sure i heard that right..

"I'm.. so sorry Billie..i didn't mean that at all" she said still sobbing

"You didn't mean what? what didn't you mean?" i asked as tears started fuming in my eyes..ready to flow.

" was just once and..i found out later on..i missed my period...i can't explain all. It happened.. so fast.." she said trying to calm down her self

And finally the tears that was at the corners of my eyes flowed like a water fall..i was speechless

The whole room became silent as Elsa asked

"Who's Lex?" 

I looked at her and back to Ashley

"My ex" i said and Elsa raised her brows

" god!" she exclaimed

We all sat quit for some minutes.. after which Ashley and Elsa started giggling.

My head was down all this time but, when i heard their giggles,  With red and watery eyes..i gave them a confused look.

When they saw my face expression, their giggles turned to loud laughs 

I just kept looking at them more confused

"Happy April fool day" they said in harmony

I still didn't comprehend what they just i stood up from the couch and looked at them unbelievably

"To clear your doubts..Before you came in, i discused about this with Elsa..she agreed and played along. So..all what i just said..isn't true.." Ashley said and i looked at her furiously

"We got you!!" Ashley said again and they all laughed..leaving me in daze

I finally sat down and sigh

"Don't you ever do that again..EVER!" i said furiously and she pretended to be scared by my words

After which they let out a louder laugh.. and that only made me burn the more inside

I took a pillow from the couch to use on Ashley but when she saw me, she ran as fast as she could.

I gave up at the end and started laughing along with them..

"We could make this more fun..Elsa, do really want to see Adrian come home right now?" i asked Elsa and she shrugged 

"No way...don't do what you're thinking of. Adrian won't like it at all!" Elsa said

"Who said he's suppose to like it..and by the way, he can't beat us all" i said and they looked at eachother..

"It's going to be more fun than this trust me.." i said again

"Alright..lets do this" Ashley said

"I don't think it's a good idea" Elsa said nervously

"Elsa've known Adrian longer than i. Don't tell me you're scared of him!" i said

"Not's just...he's a very serious and busy person. And this..isn't his type at all" Elsa said and i sigh

"You've never tried i guess. Trust me..i and Adrian have gotten into so many arguments and fights.

 Yet..I'm leaving with him alive and save. He has a sport that needs to be touched. 

Stop running away from his most delicate sports..face it!

He's very stubborn yes..but, he has a very delicate heart that he keeps fighting supress it.

Try to bring that out of him..before he can see what's infront of him.

And you need to start that now.

Soo..are you in or out?" i said and Ashley cleared her troat

"Where did you still these words from Billie?" Ashley said in a mockery

"Shut the fuck up. I didn't still these words from anywhere..and you know that." i said

"No i don't.. stole it from somewhere then? I remember hearing these words in one of the movies we watched together last week.." Ashley said and i frowed

"You have said enough for swallow your trash. And by the way..i don't remember us meeting last week. Where and when did you learn how to lie this much!?" i said and she blinked her eyes saying

"From you of course.." Ashley said

"At least you accept all these are.. lies and of course trash talks" i said boldly

"Yeah.. including what you just told her" Ashley said 

"What part exactly?" Elsa asked

"Don't listen to her..she's just not in her right sences right now. You know...the wine i gave her." i said to Elsa

"I'm not so weak like you..." Ashley said

"Yeah this is exactly what i was talking about.. she is not in her right sences" i said to Elsa

"Stop pretending like you don't know what I'm talking about ate just snacks today because you were scared you'll embarrass yourself.." Ashley said

"Embarass my self!.Like seriously it has nothing to do with what we're talking about right now." i said

"You're the one who brought this "not in her sences" stuff and "wine" stuff." Ashley said

"Enough.. that's enough. Can you please just focus for once. We're trying to make her agree to something and you're spoiling it with your...mouth" i said and sigh

Facing Elsa again..i asked 

"Are you in now?" 

"Of course..what are we waiting for?" Elsa said and i smiled widely

I explained the plan to them and told them why i choosed that plan. Ashley agreed with me but Elsa disagreed

"No i can't!" Elsa exclaimed

"Why's a good plan. And from what Billie said..y'all seem close. So..why not?" Ashley asked

"Actually..I've never behaved like this towards him..i think he'll see it childish when he finds out i faked it...i can't" Elsa said

"And that's exactly why i choosed this. Firstly, for you to know if he truely feels same. And secondly, you can never claim to love someone..if you don't love them for who they are. 

You'll have to show that childish side of you to Adrian.

 Y'all must have known eachother for long but, you've never been that close. He'll love to see that childish or cute part of you..even if he's gonna be mad..that's not gonna last. 

And trust me..he'll never forget this day." i said and she sigh


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