Baby bird

❤In Billie's room❤

"This is my business. She's my Secretary." i said

"Anyways man..i called to invite her to our Aniversary next 2weeks" lane said and i furrowed my brows and was about to speak when he said again

"I was tried calling you first but..your phone seems to ring yet no responds. You never keep your phone far away from's really weird you can't pick your call but you can pick Billies'. Hope she's safe right now." Lane said

It's then i remembered i left my phone on the couch in the living room.

When he made the last statement.. i clenched my jaws

"She'll always be safe with you understand?" i said

"Uhh..actually i don't. Because as far as i can recall..Nina wasn't safe with you. Is it Billie..a mare secretary..who'll be safe with you!?" Lane said in a mockery

I clenched my jaw hard. Not wanting to be tempted to drive to his home and beat the hell out of him..i cut the call before he said any other bull shit.

Why the hell did he mention Ninas' name after a very long time?

And what did he mean by she wasn't safe? 

She left me a note..and at the end of it, she said..we'll meet again sometime.

What could she possibly be running away from..and why?

All these were going in my mind as i looked at the ceiling.. after which i drifted into sleep..still in Billies' bed.

❤Billie Rolene❤

I finished taking my bath and went to the room with my nightware and my robe. I thought Adrian must have left by now..only to find him sleeping soundly in bed.

I totally forgot i was just with my pygamas as i climbed on the bed and kneeld beside him to wake him up

I placed my hands on his chest and shook he'll get up.

He frowned a little and his eyes opened slightly

When our eyes meet, he gave me a very soft my hand was still on his chest and i was lost in his gaze.

"How many hours did you spend in there?" he asked..i sigh

"I didn't spend an our're only saying this 'cause you were sleeping the whole time." i responded and his gaze drifted to my nightware..i followed his gaze and he looked up at me

"Wake should go to your room now and continue your sweet sleep" i said looking at him and he closed his eyes

What the..hell!

"Adrian..I'm talking to you" i said and he still didn't say anything nor opened his eyes

"Ac-Actually i know you know..I'm talking to you. So stop being heady and wake up...Ashley will be coming in here any time soon..A d r i a n.." i said stressing out the last word after realising he fell asleep again

It's then i realised how cute he is when sleeping..

I started staring at him admiring the view..when a thought came to my mind to took my phone and snap i could tease him with it afterwards.

I extended my hand gently to the cupboard and collected my phone.

On coming backwards..he wispered

"I can see you. Don't you dare do what you're thinking of." 

I froze and looked at him. It's then i realised our faces were inches away. He spoke still not opening his eyes..but, i could really feel like he was staring at me.

I didn't move as he gently opened his eyes..and placed his hands on my took me aback so i placed my hand on his chest for support as the phone fell and my other hand on his shoulder.

I didn't realise how close we were as we kept looking at eachother deeply..until his hold on my waist tighthen..and i hummed.

I did that because it actually felt good.. i've never felt that way before and more to that, he kept massaging the place gently and i closed my eyes and bit my lower lip trying to control my moans.

I don't know exactly what he was doing to me at that time..i was off.

Since when did touching someone on the waist feel so good.

I couldn't control my moans again as i let it out saying

"Adrian..what...are you..doing to me?" 

I opened my eyes slightly and realised he was staring at me i closed it back.

He still did say anything as he kept doing felt like his hands were touching my bare something slightly electric passed through my skin from his palms.

I gasp when i felt that.. placed my head on his chest..still biting my lip.

He continued massaging coming up above my waist a little..

There, was something else as i really felt weak..

"What were you bird?" he asked in a soft but deep voice almost like a wisper and i couldn't respond

"Hmm.." i hummed

It's thesame manner in which he spoke to me during truth or dare.

But i actually felt was this time..'cause i felt like he was using his powers on me..and more to that, his touch is so electric

If i feel this way with cloths on..then how much more without cloths!

My head was still on his chest as i breath calmly. It's so bizarre..that my breath was a little normal this time than before..i felt calm and relaxed as i felt sleepy..and my hummes reduced to total silence

And my breath was completely normal as i laid against his chest

"That's bird" he said in a very low and soft voice as i turned my head to the side and drifted to sleep..sleeping soudly and very comfortably. His movements on my side stopped when i finally slept off.


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