How he treats her

❤Earlier that day❤

Adrian followed Billie to her room while Elsa and Ashley stayed..

Elsa was about getting up to leave when Ashley said

"Hope you take into consideration my advise" 

Elsa looked down at her raising her brows

"What advise?" Elsa asked and Ashley i sigh

"He's no more here. So stop pretending like you don't know what I'm talking about.." Ashley said and stood up looking into Elsa's eyes

"You and i know Adrian doesn't feel same for you.." Ashley said and Elsa shrugged

"That's a lie..and even if he doesn't feel same now, he will soon. You seem to forget..we know eachother longer than he even knew Nina his first love." Elsa said confidentally.

"And that's the problem! Y'all have known eachother for long..yet he fell deeply inlove with another girl. And even after she left..he still couldn't see you. Tell me how and why he will see you now?" Ashley said and Elsa was dumpfounded

"He doesn't see you that way Elsa..stop hurting yourself and dragging people into your pain. I know you did this to get back to Billie..." Ashley said again and Elsa narrowed her eyes

"What are you talking about?" Elsa asked

"You're being a hypocrite when you do this! You know that?" Ashley said and blinked her eyes and looked away

"All Billie ever wanted for you is to be happy and be with Adrian..but you did nothing but tried to humilate her. bad it did work. 'cause she felt really humiliated and betrayed by YOU!" Ashley said again

"She sees you as a very good friend that she sacrifises her happiness for you even if it hurts so bad.." Ashley said and Elsa looked at her 

"You know what I'm talking about..Elsa. And there's nothing you can do about it if it is meant to be for them.

The other day i was telling her to be truth and sincere with me..concerning you and Adrian.

Yet she kept saying..we should give you guys time..because she believed and hoped with all her heart that y'all be together." Ashley said

"But i think that time has've crossed the line. Adrian doesn't love you! yes he does as a sister but not an intimate love. It's time you're told the truth. Since this is the way you prefered to be talk to..than reading someones' body language.

I've been wanting her to tell you this herself but you gave me no choice to stand infront of and tell you that Adrian doesn't l o v e you. Insort he's having feelings for someone else and you know who that is. 

Remember only a true friend will tell you this!

Hope this sticks in your head" Ashley concluded 

while Elsa was trying so hard to control her powers so she doesn't uses it on Ashley and expose her identity. She just stood there..clenching her jaw in anger.

After which she left to her room.

Ashley stayed in the parlor for sometime..waiting for Adrian to leave before she talks to Billie..but he didn't leave.

She actually fell asleep and got up when she heard Adrians phone ringing..

She walked towards the couch and picked the phone towards his office

Because she thought he'll be there by now.

She went and didn't find she said to herself maybe he's in his.

She walked to his room and knocked..yet no one answered.

After which she realised he isn't in.

Could it be he's still in Billie's room?

It's been an hour and a half now..

After which she went back to the couch in the Living room and waited

She actually passed by Elsas' room and her door was closed

Maybe..she's sleeping or she went out. She thought.

She waited for another 20minutes..after which she decided to go Billies' room.

She walked to the corridor to Billies' room and found Adrian leaving her room closing the door gently.

When Adrian show her, he told her not to make any noise since Billie is already sound asleep.

Ashley just nodded and handed him his phone as he walked to his room

When Ashley gently opened the door, she was impressed to see Billie fast asleep with the cover pulled on her chest.

She just smiled asking herself what Adrian did to make her sleep so early.

She just took her barth and joined her in she kept smiling at how Adrian takes care of her.

❤Ealier that evening❤

Elsa went to her mothers place after what Ashley told her.

She was heart broken as she arrived her parents place..she went straight to her mom kneeled down and cried

Her moms gaze soften as she asked

"What happened?" but Elsa kept sobbing..after she had calm down, her mum asked again

"What happened to you dear?" she hesitated before saying

"It's Billie..that girl!" her mum furrowed her brows 

"What did she do?" Her mum asked

And Elsas' grandmum came in the dinning room and saw her grand daughter crying she said

"Elsa..what wrong with you?" Elsas' Grandma asked

"Billie has taken Adrian from me! He doesn't love me anymore" Elsa said and her grandma furrowed her brows

"No darling..don't say that! You just have to keep fighting for your love. And don't be distracted by those little things for they won't last." Elsas' mum said

"Who is Billie?" her grandma asked

"It's Adrians secretary.. she leaves with him" Elsa responded 

While elsas' grandma and elsas' were giving eachother a knowing look.

"Don't worry..all this will pass. We'll fixed this" Elsas' grandma said and Elsa furrowed her brows

"We'll" She repeat and Elsa grandma raised her brows 

"Oh..i meant we'll fix this by giving your favorite dish. You came at the right time..we're just about having dinner." Her grandma responded immediatly to die down the confusion on her face.


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