Get pregnant with his child

❤In Lanes guest room❤

Adrian sat Billie on the bed and sat by her side while Lane went to get some medicine.

She couldn't sit upright as she kept robing her tides.

Adrian held her hand and squeezed it tight.. as she laid her head against his shoulder.

She kept humming as she suddenly looked up at Adrian and he looked down at her.

"Lanes gone to get you something to calm you down..okay?" Adrian said and she just hummed

He got up and leaned her against the head she faced him

With his hand robing her tide..she felt really good as she hummed in pleasure..

Since Adrian was facing her..she laid her forhead against his chest as he started robing her back.

After a while, she seemed calm because she wasn't humming again.

"Adrian.." Billie said 

"Yeah.." Adrian responded

"You feel so good..". She said but Adrian wasn't surprise by her words

"Really!?" he asked teasingly and she nodded

After which she placed her hand on his chest and started going down..feeling his muscles and arbs

He didn't restrict he kept robing her back.

"Adrian..i can't..resist you" She said..and Adrian chuckled 

She started unbottening Adrians shirt from the middle and..when her hand touched his bare skin, he closed his eyes

She started robing her hands on his arbs satisfied.

"Billie..i should stop" Adrian said trying to control himself

"Why?" Billie asked lifting up her head to see his and they both stared at eachother with her palm still in his bare skin

Adrian gave her a soft gaze as she started robing her hands all over his arbs and he closed his eyes again

" should rest now" Adrian said gently removing her little hand and bottening his shirt.

"You shouldn't unbotten my shirt again nor put your hand on my bare skin..because I'm turned on when you do that.." Adrian said and she blinked continuesly as she nodded 

She just placed her head back on his chest and her hands over his sides as she hummed..while Adrian kept robing her back

After a while..Lane got in and gave her the she was a little bit calm after sometime.

Adrian realised she was drifting to sleep, he called Royse to prepare for them to go.

He did as told and Adrian walked Billie out of the mansion passing another entrance.

They entered the car and drove off to his house.

After Some minutes of drive, they arrived home

Adrian carried her in a bridal style..'cause she fell asleep during the journey

He got in, went to her room and laid her in bed..

The medicine really helped her calm and fall asleep quick.

But.. when he was about living, she held his shirt tight

He looked at her..and her eyes were closed. He tried removing her hand but she hummed..coursing a smile to apear on his face.

He knew she wasn't that deep so..he called

"Baby bird..?" She didn't reply

"Billie..?" He called again and she hummed in responds as his smile widen..she didn't answer the first time because of the name he used to call her

"What do you want?" He asked and she was silent as her grip on his shirt tighten 

He looked at the way she helled him and back at her

" want me to stay?" he asked

"hmm.." she responded 

"Ok. Just let go of my shirt i can go change my cloths" he said..yet, nothing.

She didn't even move her hand didn't seem to him she'll remove it anytime soon or later.

So he climed her bed and laid beside her with her grip still on his shirt. He drew her close to himself and she laid her head on his chest.

He passed his fingers over her hair and started massaging her scalp..and she definitly smiled in her sleep and hummed..loving what he was doing.

She slept withing 10minutes but he was still up, he tought after making her fall asleep..he'll go to his room. But when he looked down at her, 

She was so calm as she slept like a baby..and he didn't want to take his eyes off her or take this moment from her.

So..he just laid there sleeping her hair over and over as he finally drifted to sleep as well.

❤The same day at the Pence house..❤

The party got finnished late that night and everyone went to their various homes

When Mrs Pence (Elsas and Ninas' mum) entered her house, she found her mom sitting on the couch in their living room

When they saw eachother..Mrs pence stoped her steps

[Actually her husband took a flight after that party to a different city..he had to be there before done.

He has no idea of Ninas' come back..Him and his wife discussed about this before she left to their world

That she didn't have to come back..for her own safety and protection against what Adrian will do if he finds out the truth

Not that they think Elsa is more safe..but Adrian will never really hurt Elsa 'cause she didn't play with his heart.

And I'm not talking about a physical hurt..I'm talking about emotional hurt.

So far Nina is more emotional that Elsa..and she'll definitely not take it if she keeps seeing Adrian and Billie together.

Elsa doesn't know Nina is her sister because..she never leaved with them since her Elsas birth.

It was planned and forseen that Nina was to make Adrian fall inlove with her..but she fell more inlove with Adrian in the process.

So her parents already knew how it will end if this continues..the prefered Elsa take over than Nina hurting herself at the end

Elsa only knew Nina in Adrians house.. but apart from that, she knows nothing about her. Her parents have been keeping this secret from her just because of the plan to erase Adrians lignage.]

"Mom how could you..?" Mrs Pence asked

"Look into the positive side of it Mila(Mrs pence real name)..your daughter Nina is the perfect match than Elsa. And by the way y'all know Adrian can never see Elsa more than a sister. So how can he get intimate with and give her a child? He'll need someone his heart belongs to..and that's Nina." Her mom said

"I can't believe you're saying this..when you know Adrian will surely discover the truth" Mrs Pence said

"Yeah..but by then, she'll be carrying his child and there's no way Adrian will let that go.." Her mom said and Mrs Pence shrugged

"What!?" Mrs Pence exclaimed

"You got me right! That's the only way she can really hold Adrians heart forever. And hence, erase the human lignage" Her mum concluded

"I told her to show up during Adrians upcoming birthday..they shared so many memories on that day." Her mom said again and Mrs Pence was dumpfounded

"Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?" Mrs Pence asked

"Because i knew you'll never agree to it..until the right comes. And here is the time!! This should be a celebration..." Her mom responded and Mrs Pence smiled

"What about Elsa?" Mrs pence asked

"Don't worry about her..she'll understand some day. Just try not to give her hopes on this again..'cause her Elder sis has it all in control" her mum said

"That's not going to be an easy thing to do..because she really has feelings for him" Mrs Pence said

"Don't worry..I'll take control of it" Her mom said and Mrs Pence breath a sigh of she sat beside her mom saying

"Hope her dad agrees to this.." Mrs Pence said

"He will..just know how to talk to him like i did to you. He's your definitely know how to aproach him in cases like this.." her mom said and she smiled saying confidentally 

"Sure..i know just how to approach him"


To be continued... 

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