Her come back

♣In Adrians family house♣

Adrians dad alongside Mrs Hareite, Elsa and Elsas mum have been planning on making a surprise birthday party for Adrian..

And this surprise will take place in his family house..

They intend on calling him come over..but they don't know exactly what to say to make him come over quickly

Adrian is a very sensitive person and they won't want to spoil the surprise giving a silly excuse.

"I think..his parents should tell him that, they want to have dinner with him to celebrate his birthday.. so they'll want him to come pick them up. 

And of course..he'll come well dressed" Elsa said and all of them nodded

"That's a very brilliant idea.." Mrs Hareite said

"You know we all are getting old..and can't reason properly. The young are taking over now.." Mr Blake said and they all laughed

"So if there are any other surprises for the birthday..y'all should bring it on" Mrs Pence said to Adrians parents..and they all shook their head slowly..

Someone came in from behind and said

"I have.." 

They all turned to see Nina standing there.. and her eyes darted to her mom first. Her mum nodded slowly approving the step she wants to make

While Adrians dad and Elsa were displeased

Mrs Hareite Jaylene rushed towards her and hugged her

"Nina..Oh my god!" Mrs Hareite said releasing her and she faintly smiled

" I'm so sorry for leaving" Nina said looking at Mrs Hareite and Mr Blake

"It's ok child..whatever reason it is..we'll understand. What's important right now is your presence. We miss you so much!" Mrs Hareite said hugging her again

"I miss you too..mum" Nina said and came out of the embrase 

Nina walked towards Mr Blake 

"I'm so sorry wasn't my intention to leave" Nina said stopping infront of him

"If there's anyone you should be apologizing's Adrian. Because he was lost and wonded..we didn't even know he could recover later on. So he really needs that, alongside your reasons for leaving

As long as Adrian wants you back..we'll always be beside you.

But.. if he doesn't, then we can't go against his will." Mr Blake said clean and clear

She shrugged not expecting him to say that..but at the end of it. What he said was very she just nodded her head slowly

She turned to Elsa and Elsa expression didn't change as she still looked irritated by her come back. Nina just gave her a faint smile..

While her mum smiled back at her..encouraging her

"You're going to be the best surprise ever for Adrian..but you'll have to show up closer to the end of the party. Because we don't how he'll take it.." Mr Hareite said

She turned around looking at her

"It's ok mum. As long as he knows I'm still here like i promised him my come back.. that's enough. It's ok if he gets so mad at me, i deserve it for making him go through these times" Nina said and Mrs Hareite gaze softened

"It's not your fault Nina..whatever it is, he'll understand because he still loves you. Don't be afraid..he will definitely love your come back. Even if he'll be hurt at a point.. deep within, he can't control what he feels for you. I've been seeing it in his eyes everytime i call your name" Mrs Hareite concluded and Mr Blake chuckled

"Don't give her hopes yet..and let Adrian speak to her himself." Mr Blake said

"You're not helping's not easy for her too! Common child..lets go talk upstairs" Mrs Hareite said and Nina nodded following her alongside

While Elsa was burning in anger..when Mr Blake turned his gaze to her, she gave him a faint smile.

Mr Blake already knows what she feels for Adrian and how she hates Nina come back

But..he prefers her because she is an honest and good girl even though he knows her mum keeps feeding her with bad thoughts.

He turned his gaze to her mum and she was look surprisingly happy..instead of being sad that Elsa won't gain Adrians love again

He narrowed his eyes at her not understanding what that means..when she unintentionally saw him, her expression changed to a cold one..and she nervously looked away.

She must be having a skeleton in her box..Mr Blake thought still looking at her and drinking his wine.

❤In Adrians Mantion❤

Adrian, Billie and Ashley were sitting and discussing in the living room

"So were do you want us to go on that day?" Adrian asked Billie

"I don't know yet.." Billie responded

"You don't know yet.. Are you serious right now!? Adrian..let me talk for her if she doesn't want to.." Ashley said

"Ride on.." Adrian said and Billie held her palms up

"You have no right to give her the room..concerning where I'll love to go. This is my decision to make not hers" Billie said

"Three days ago..i asked you this question..and you keep telling me one and thesame thing till now. And now you're making noise like a lost chick.." Adrian said and Ashley laugh.

Billie looked at him furiousely but..he didn't even pick her height as he kept looking at his phone

She got up from her sit and siezed his phone from his hand..

He actually saw her coming but, he didn't know she'll be coming for his phone

When she took it, she steped back..

"Now we can talk properly.." Billie said and he sigh 

"Billie.." He said

"That's my name.." she responded

"I know it's you're name..that's why I'll call you the last time to hand it over to me." he said and Ashley robed her palms together preparing to watch the scene infront of her

She knows Billie will sturbornly not hand back his phone..and of course Adrian is a man of his word..he'll definitely come for her.

"Billie..hand it over" Adrian said and she gave him a confused look

"Hand what exactly?" Billie asked and Adrian got up from his sit. 

She stepped back..they kept looking at eachother and whatever  direction Billie looks at, Adrian follows her gaze and back to her and his phone on her hand

She had already sensed that Adrian had calculated everything she has thought of..

But as she was about turning around to run, Adrian pushed the couch on her way and she fell on the floor..and she was able to gain her stability

But before she could release it, Adrian had already kneeled down quitely behind her.

She saw him from a silver vessel infront of her and turned around.

She looked up at his smiling face..and shook her head, meaning it's not over.

Adrian wasn't so surprise at her confidence 'cause he knows her well.

He just extended his hand to take it and she drew her hand back..

She was still on the floor laying flat with her back as Adrian brought himself closer to her again trying to take his phone from her hand above her head.

And she rolled her leg over his neck..and he smirked because that's part of their training every morning

He just removed her legs from him with no struggle..since she saw that it was no use, she turned around to get up but he wrapped his hands over her and lifted her up with her back against his chest.

There was no way she could she throw the phone far..and it hit the ground hard.

He just left her..and she fell hitting herself on the grown..she groan in pain

Adrian didn't do that because he was trying to check his phones condition..

He meant to leave she could feel the pains his phone felt being hit on the ground.

Not that his phone could crack or broke..because the phone was originally strong.. it was still in tact when he finally picked it.

He came towards the groaning Billie..bent down and said

"That's what happens when you prove sturborn with me..i was there before, remember that." after which he stood up and went to the coach.

Ashley was only there laughing and saying in a provoking tone

"Are you alright?" while Billie just kept burning furiously within.


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Lol. I love Adrian and Billie. Though I still need to edit. A lot.

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