You're always in my mind

❣At Adrians family house❣

There was silence in the room..since Adrian was speechless.

He didn't know what to believe..if what she said is true or not.

And he doesn't know what to respond as he kept looking at her

All of a surden, a thought just came in his mind..

"BILLIE.." he mumbled and rose up quickly without telling Nina why.

He opened the door and went downstairs and Nina followed.

When he rushed to the hall down..he didn't see Billie.

His mum and dad were there..checking on some things.

Adrian walked towards them..and Nina was just behind him

"Where's Billie?" Adrian asked nervously and his Dad looked at his wife as if she knows something

She looked away saying

"She went home.." and Adrians Dad narrowed his eyes at his wife

"How can she come with me and leave without me!?" Adrians said furiously

"Who did she go with?" Adrian asked again

"I think she went with..Lane" His ste

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