Chapter 9

When we arrived at school, Lucas was half walking and half running because he'll be late in his first subject.

"What's your first subject, anyways?" Stacey asked.

"Core Lit. The prof's kind of strict. So I better get going. Master, see you later!" He patted my lower back that took me by surprise, then he ran and disappeared in the crowd.

Hopefully Stacey didn't saw that, because we'll talk about it non-stop.

I just ignored it and faced Stacey and gave her that suspicious look, cause I know what she's doing a while ago.

"What?" Stacey laughed.

"Are you really on my side, Stace?" She crunched her nose and curled the tip of her hair.

"Uh, I don't know. You two looked good together." My eyes widened. How dare she?

"Seriously? Your thoughts were scaring me." Stacey laughed once again. I mean seriously, she needs to take me seriously.

"You're overreacting. I'm just stating the fact." She then shrugged.

"No, it's not a fact." Then she chuckled.

"Come on, let's walk faster, Lay, we're going to be late." Yes, and if we're going to be late, it's not my fault.

Yesterday, Stacey decided that I should just call her in her nickname and she said that she'll give me one.

"I have a nickname, Stacey." I said to her in a small voice.

"Then what is it?" She folded her arms and we stopped from walking.

"My mom calls me 'Hopie'  whenever she's feeling blue." I said to her.

"Then that's not what I'm gonna call you. From now on, you are 'Lay' and I am 'Stace', okay?"

And that's how it all started.

Stacey also explained to me that pronouncing our names is just waste of salivas.

Genius, right?

It's 12:45 in the afternoon and we were now on our last subject. We are having a votings today who is going to be part of the musical play: Beauty and the Beast, collaboration with the sophomores.

"Congratulations, Stacey. You got the role of Belle." Stacey squeaked and squeezed my right arm as Ms. Olsen, our adviser, announced to the whole class.

"Dreams do come true." Stacey whispered to me.

"You got this, Stace." I beamed at her, she deserved it, anyways. She's a complete package for the role.

Stacey then stood up and face us. I wonder who is going to be the Prince. Her Prince, anyways.

"Now, for the pianist." Ms. Olsen announced. She roamed her look around. I bowed my head down, cause I am guilty for the fact that I can play piano. And I don't want to get picked.

"Alayna's good in playing piano." A guy at the back said... I looked to where it was coming from. He's my seat mate at Ms. Pederson's subject.

Wait, how does he know my name? He can't even look at me whenever I ask him a question.

"Is this true, Ms. Summers?" I immediately pinched my arms, not knowing what to do. I looked at Stacey, asking for help.

"Uhm, actuall-" Stacey got interrupted by the agreements of my other classmates.

What the?

"If that is so, there's no need for voting, Ms. Summers is now our official pianist for this musical play. Okay, let's proceed."

What just happened? This isn't suppose to happen to me. For sure there will be rehearsals and going home late. I can't do that. I need more time to rest, or else, I might get weak.

I don't want to be in the spot light, too.

Ms. Olsen reminded us again that this is a collaboration project with the sophomores. We'll have our practice every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, since that's the only time that we are dismissed early.

When we got out of our classroom, Stacey was still comforting me. I am still in the state of shock.

"Lay, don't worry you'll do good." I looked at her, she has still no idea about my condition. And I am planning to say this to her, later.

As she held my arms, she was softly squeezing it, it is quite comforting, though.

Then, I saw Lucas running towards our direction. He has this big smile on his face like a child who got a prize at the children's birthday party.

But before he can really come to us, Nate approached him.

I could still remember the conversation of Nate and their other team mate about Lucas.

What a friend.

When they were done talking, Lucas came to us. I haven't noticed that I am frowning already.

"What happened to you, master? You seem in a bad mood." Lucas pressed the space between my eyebrows. "It's so soft, and cute."

"I'm always in a bad mood when you're around." I told him and removed his hand off of my forehead.

"So what really happened?" Lucas looked at Stacey, maybe he already knows that I won't answer him.

I hope Stacey will do the same.

"Alayna got picked by our adviser to be the pianist for the upcoming musical play." I heaved a long sigh.

Lucas was astonished. "For real? We'll rehearse together, cause I am one the guitarist."

"Really? Wow, this will be fantastic. Cheer up, Lay! You got Lucas." Stacey then held my arm and we all walked together.

I know what you're doing, Stacey George!


We went to this popular coffee shop here in Tòrshavn. I ordered a Vanilla Macchiato, and I think I have my new favorite drink now.

We were having this conversation, actually, Stacey and Lucas were doing all the talks while I just listened to the both of them.

I wonder how they could do this? Talking without running out of topics. I find it so hard to think of something to talk about, it was like a punishment to me.

Then, I saw Clover entered the coffee shop, she was with her two girl-friends. She directly walked towards our direction.

I don't know, but why does she need to wear this nasty face everyday?

Yesterday, we bumped each other on the staircase, but her eyes never met mine, because it was locked on her phone. She didn't even said 'sorry.'  Same bitchy expression.

"Hey, Luke. You here too?" Her mood suddenly changed into a cheerful one, like a perky child.

Now, that's interesting.

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