Chapter 13

In the third round, I saw a different side of Stacey, she's much serious than earlier. Her hands were controlling the controllers smoothly. She knocked out easily the girl in just 20 seconds.

Everyone cheered when Stacey won in the third round. Then the girl smashed her controllers in anger.

The fourth round begins, both players were so serious. I can see Stacey's eyes were forming into a thin line. My hands are really getting sweaty.

After a minute, Stacey won again. So it's a tie-round for them.

"Give it up, cute cat!" The girl cried out.

"Oh no, you messed with the wrong kitty." Stacey answered back. I think I'm going to faint, like literally.

The final round begins. Stacey hit her first, and did her combination attacks. Her opponent couldn't strike a move, then for just 25 seconds, Stacey won without damage on her health.

Everyone cheered, so am I. Stacey and I jumped together as if it we were like kids who hit a Piñata. The girl came to us and shook Stacey's hand. It was a good fight though.

"I didn't know you had that girl-gamer spirit in you." I confessed to Stacey.

"Really? You didn't notice all of my playstation at my house?" Hmm. I looked at her, confused.

"Oh, you haven't been at my house. Right. Next time you should come when you're not that tired." I just shook my head then laughed.

Next, we went to this Just Dance! floor. Stacey was insisting me that we should have a dance battle, and I kept on telling her that I can't dance.

"Of course everyone can dance. Come on, Lay." She pulled me and faced me in front of the camera.

Now I can see myself in the TV.

The song started playing; 'twas Problem by Ariana Grande. The mechanic of the game was simple: follow what dance steps were on the screen.

I am so embarrassed right now and I think my cheeks were already turning red.

No one's actually watching, but as the song comes to the chorus. There were people coming and watching to us.

Stacey knows how to dance, as in she's really good at dancing. As I watched her, she was just enjoying herself, laughing and smiling. I can't hide the fact that I am also enjoying.

So I let loose, did my best to finish dancing this song.

When the scores came out, obviously Stacey got the highest, while my score was just 2 points behind.

When we stood by the corner, I am completely breathless. We were both laughing because of our performance.

Suddenly, I felt a heart pain and started to feel dizzy. I held the railings to help me balanced myself.

"Are you okay, Lay? I'll get us water, wait." She immediately ran.

My vision's getting really white. I sat on the floor, cause I can't handle the dizziness. The white light's getting thicker, before I could completely fell and hit my head on the floor, I saw Lucas running towards me.

After that, everything went black.


I woke up to the sound of intercom. I opened my eyes, then found myself in a hospital's room. No one's in the room but me.

I groaned, feeling so hungry. How many hours did I pass out?

When I was about to stand up, the door opens. It was my mom and she's with Stacey. They immediately went to me, asking me if I'm okay. My mom asked Stacey to call the nurse, and so she did.

"Hopie, what happened to you?" My mom's voice was hoarse. I can see tears in her eyes.

"Mom, I'm okay. I was just so carelessly happy." She then hugged me.

"Oh, Hopie, you don't know how much I wanted you to be happy." She's already sobbing.

After a minute, a nurse and Stacey came in. The nurse smiled at me and asked if how am I feeling, then she checked me up.

My mom lets me eat my breakfast. It was pancakes and hibiscus tea; two of my favorite things in this world.

After that, they let me rest once again.

When I woke up, it was afternoon already. I'm not feeling dizzy anymore, I am just really thirsty at the moment. I stood up and pulled my dextrose towards the refrigerator.

I drank all the water in the bottle.

I went back to my bed then saw my phone in the side table. This wasn't there earlier.

I picked it up and sat down on the bed. I saw two new messages, and it was from Lucas and Stacey.


Why does Lucas has a name already in my phone?

I opened the message that came from him.

 Lucas At-Your-Service Nielsen

Subject: :(

Alayna, master. Get well already! (seen)


I can't help not to smile, but then I remembered that he left us in that mall. Scaling from 1 to 10, how much do I hate this guy? Hmm, 8.5, I guess.

Then I opened Stacey's message.


Subject: Hi hi

Lay! Wait for me tomorrow morning. Oh, by the way, Lucas changed his name on your phone. (seen)


That explains his name on my phone. How dare he?

Wait, again.

If Lucas changed his name on my phone... this means, he had been here.

Oh my god! Does this mean, he knows already about my condition?

No, no, no.

The door opens and it was my mom.

"Mom!" I exclaimed. "Did Lucas pay a visit here?" Then my mom sat on the bedside.

"Yes. He was here to check up on you. Lucas was so concerned about you." My mom eyes widened, and I don't really understand the expression she's giving to me right now.

"This means he knows about my condition, right?" Panic was all over my voice.

"No. We just said that it was over fatigue." I calmed down immediately.

Thank god. I cannot afford that another person would know about that.

"Hey, Alayna. Your doctor said you can be discharge tomorrow evening." My mom stood up, and put all the fruits on the table.

Well, that's good news. I don't want to stay long in here, cause I really need to attend the rehearsals for the musical play.

I lie down again on my bed. I badly need to get my strength back.


Tomorrow afternoon, I was just watching Sugar Rush on the TV, suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

Stacey entered the room, wide smile on her face.

"Hey, best friend! Feelin' better already?" She sat beside me.

"A lot much better. Let's do that again sometimes." Together, we laughed.

Stacey and I had a little chitchat, she mentioned what happened after I passed out. She said that Lucas carried me and the one who brought me here in the hospital.

And Stacey also said that Lucas doesn't want to go home if he doesn't see me awake, but my mom insisted him to rest and go home.

"He was like a boyfriend to you. It was so sweet." Stacey was in a complete fan-girling mode. Again.

"I told you, Lucas do likes you." She slightly pinched my left arm.

"Ow." I then showed her the dextrose attached on my arm. She just laughed and showed me her peace sign.

FYI, Lucas doesn't like me. He just wanted to redeem his self after what he have done to me. This will be over after a week

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