Thirty seven: Another Lady



"I'll call you later, ma," I told my mom over the phone. "Bye."

After saying that to her, I hung up the call immediately. Digging my phone into the pocket of my sweatpants, I took in a deep breath, raised my neck to look at the dark sky. The place was silent, just perfect for my evening. 

I had been so worked up that I had decided to come out to enjoy myself for the evening. I didn't like to go out very much, but anytime I did, I loved to enjoy it to the fullest. 

I grouched a little, and sat on the roadside bench. It had been a month since I slept with any lady, which was kind of weird. Well, tonight, I really felt like enjoying myself, but I would kind of feel guilty in a way. 

Fine, Adrienne didn't like me yet, so that meant I could still enjoy myself with any other lady. But what if she got to find out or something? Would she give me a

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