Fifty four: Again.

He stared hard. Reading his eyes, I saw hurt in them. Not just hurt, disappointment as well. It was as if he wasn't expecting this at all. 

"What?" That left his lips in a whisper. 

I swallowed, and nodded. "That's it, Dave. Stop trying to get close to me. You like me, but I don't like you. Sebastian isn't the same person he used to be, so I decided to give him a chance. Stop causing a problem in my life by trying to get close. I don't want to feel sad for rejecting you. I… don't like you as a lover," I uttered. 

For a moment, his gaze was more intense. It felt like he didn't want to stop staring at all. What the heck was he looking at? The brown color of my eyes?

His throat moved, up and down, then he stepped backwards. Lowering his head, his fingers rolled up into a fist. "I'm sorry for having to get close to you."

"It's not a problem. You—"


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:( I’m so sad and confused right now!!

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