All Things Lovely
All Things Lovely
Author: Everleigh Winters

❝There was beauty

  in the idea of freedom,

  but it was an illusion.

  Every human heart 

  was chained by love.

  — Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight.


Autumn Shade only wants one thing: to get away and live her own life. Tired of being forced by her father to take on the business, and follow in his steps, she leaves.

She wanted to show her father that she was capable of making her own decisions and not screwing up.

But just when she successfully leaves her past behind, she's caught up in another whirlwind which threatens to deem everything she's known a lie.

Justin Black and his friends see Autumn and they find that she was perfect for what they were planning, given that it was her father they wanted to take revenge on.

Autumn learns a shocking truth about a scandal involving a murder and her father, and persistently denies it. But apparently they have proof.

All Autumn wants to do is the right thing. If her father is innocent she gets to say 'I told you so' and if he's really a cheating murderer then she does what's right and gets out of this mess once and for all.

But as usual, things get complicated. Actually, feelings get complicated, because the longer she stayed, the closer the broken boy held her.


© 2020 by Everleigh Winters

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