*22* Games


“Come on, little one,” I coo, gently scooping my still napping daughter into my arms. Julia gives an irritable moan, then begins a tired hiccupping cry. Patting her on the back and rocking, I tuck her against my shoulder and soothe, “Ooh, I’m so sorry. I know, you’re not ready to get up yet. It’s oka—.”

“Juliet!” Sam calls from downstairs. “We need to leave now or we’ll be late!”

Rolling my eyes, I heave a sigh. “For pity’s sake, Sam, it’s just a game. You’ll be there early to warm up anyway.”

“Juliet, I swear, if I have to come up ther—.”

Rounding the corner at the top of the stairs, I drape a light blanket over Julia as she sucks her thumb, then give him a pointed glare, staring down my nose

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