2. Pillows aren't alive are they?


My head hurt as I try opening my eyes. The soft yet harsh light coming from where I'm thinking is the sun tortures my eyelids.

I try adjusting the pillow on my chest so I could take a shower when the pillow grumbles in it's sleep.

I could feel my eyes pop out of their sockets. Wait. Pillows aren't alive are they?

I notice the blonde hair of a human girl (not a pillow. Thank goodness) I slightly remember draped on my chest as she snuggled into my chest with her once red matte lipstick staining my chest as I adjusted her so I could get up.

The girl who I now recognise as the girl from the bar yesterday night. I can't really remember her name but that's the least of my problems at the moment.

I leave her on my king sized bed and head for my masters bedroom where I take a shower while trying to remember which bar I had gone to and how I ended up with the blonde in my bed.

The steam from the shower filled the room as I put some watermelon scented shampoo in my hair and wash it off.

Taking a mental note to call or send a text to Crescent and Ken asking what happened yesterday at that bar.

After towel drying myself and putting on a pair of sweatpants, I step out of the shower to see the blonde sitting on my personal study desk which I conveniently had positioned beside my bed.

She sat on the desk while swiping through her phone. Her blonde tresses falling in slight waves over get shoulder. Her black lacy lingerie set on display.

Any other normal day, I would have stopped and commented on her beauty but today was not a normal day at all.

"Uh, excuse me," I say to her as I make my way to my wardrobe and opening it. I heard light shuffling coming from where she had sat earlier. "When you're dressed, the doors that way and close it on your way out".

" Thanks." She replied as I heard more shuffling while I remove my sweats and wear my Calvin Klein boxers, throwing my grey cotton T shirt over my head, I turned around to see the girl in her thin sheet of clothing which hugged her skinny body, stopping just below her bum.

She had splashed some cold water on her face so there was now a little color to her cheeks and her lips were now bare. She almost looked innocent and pure but I knew she was anything but that.

"So, let me drop you off." I say I walked to her. She's kind of tall because she doesn't look up at me but straight at me maybe because of her three inch heels.

I take lengthy steps to the full mirror beside my wardrobe and run my fingers through my hair trying to make sense of it. I'm going to have to get an hair cut soon because the hair keeps falling over my eyes but I guess that's their charm.

"Okay, let's go." I say turning back around, picking up my shoulder bag from where I had dumped it yesterday and walking out the door.

Taking the stairs, two at a time, I arrive downstairs and head straight to the kitchen for breakfast all the while registering the clicking of heels behind my as the girl tried keeping up.

"You want something to eat or drink?" I ask her as she takes in the kitchen with her eyes wide and her jaw sweeping the floor making me chuckle lowly.

The kitchen was an art on it's own with the marble table top and huge island. I never really understood why dad always has the interior changed by it isn't in my place to tell him how to use his money. Afterall, he was still kind of young even if he's my father and all that.

Everything in the kitchen was spotless and shiny- courtesy of the cleaners and cooks.

He sometimes threw parties but never brought the party into the kitchen for fear of his reckless friends crashing the kitchen when they were too high to see what they were doing.

"Morning son." Came my dads voice as he nodded in greeting.

He was in his favorite silk robe and furry bunny slippers making me almost smile. Dad always looked ridiculous in the morning.

I nodded back because my mouth was full with cereal.

He looked at my companion but decides not to make any comments which I am grateful for.


Twenty minutes later.

After I drop off my 'friend', I make my way to school while navigating the crazy traffic.

I still didn't understand where people were going by this time of the day. I better not be late. I might not like school but that doesn't mean I want to be expelled.

After finding a space to park my baby, I step out and use my remote to lock it earning a beep in reply.

Students were scattered across the field with some in groups and some walking alone idly while waiting for the bell which indicated the start of the day.

I spot the cheerleaders stretching even though it's just the start of the day. The sky still blue and clear of clouds as the sun slowly crept up the sky but it wasn't really that hot. Yet.

On any other day, I would enjoy the sight of the students moving in all directions and talking like the they didn't give two flying twats what tomorrow held for them but today, I just didn't see myself feeling any better. I should have taken some coffee for this horrible headache.

Trying my best to dodge the students that were littering and talking about one thing or the other, to reach my locker, a whoosh of cold air reaches my ear,  indicating I was almost hit with a moving object.

A lanky boy with sandy hair came into view, jogging to retrieve his basketball which had almost made contact with my head. "Sorry bro." He yelled while running  to the ball which had now knocked a poor boys chips off his hands and he did not look happy about it.

"Dude, you look awful." Came Ken's loud voice behind me when I reached my locker.

"Thanks a lot." I mutter under my breath as I notice Kris clinging unto his arms while walking in her flats. Flats? Kris?

Something must be wrong but I don't question her because I didn't know her and she didn't know me and I prefer it to stay that way.

"Was Crescent with us yesterday night?" I ask referring to yesterday's 'fun session'.

"No, he went home early." Ken replied, wrapping his arms around Kris's waist bringing her closer to him making her giggle like a dead cat. Yes. That's how horrible she sounded.

"Something about his mother needing his help at home."

"Oh." I didn't mask the disappointment in my voice as I closed my locker and placed my text books in my bag.

"Dude, what's up with the textbooks?" Asked Ken as I watched in horror while he gave Kris a small bum squeeze.

I wonder why I'm still standing here. I'm in no mood for talking to Ken when he's being too bold with Kris right before my eyes. He's is just shameless.

The class smelled fresh with the various Colognes and fragrances mixed with the smell of wood which I'm sure came from the air conditioner the teacher placed in the classroom but one scent in particular caught my attention.

It was her, so that means she had to be here. I scanned the classroom which was only half filled with the students who didn't want to hang around in the crowded hall.

There she was laughing at something Steven the silly nerd was saying.

Her scarlet locks were up in a messy bun exposing her neck while her moss green eyes sparkled making them even more beautiful, the lacy dress she wore was made to fit making jet even more beautiful.

I didn't like that she was talking to him but I have no right over her or her decisions.

"Good morning, Warren." She greeted me in her sing song voice. Hmmm. The way my name rolled of her tongue like that was enchanting. She should say my name more. I started making plans on how to make her say my name name more.

"Good morning Val." I replied lamely as I took my seat beside her as her intoxicating scent filled my senses. Before I could say more, she turned back to Steven who was eagerly seeking her attention.

I sighed inwardly because I knew she deserved better than me even though I turned green every time another guy was enjoying her smile or attention.

More students filed into the spacious classroom where there were six rows and seven columns. I saw a very familiar person walk through the door. His hair almost completely covering his eyes and his book bag loosely hung from one shoulder. Crescent. At last.

I waited patiently for him to take his seat which was beside me to my right.

"Morning man." he greeted with a slight South African drawl in his speech. It was always more noticeable on the morning and I don't know why.

"Morning, do you know that girl I went home with yesterday?"

"You went home with a girl yesterday and you don't know her?" he asked in a calm tone as I noticed he didn't even look like he had four hours of sleep.

Instead he seemed to glow with what I can assume was eight blessed hours of uninterrupted sleep.

"Well, maybe I knew her but met her when I was high so I can't remember name." I replied hiding the bitterness in my voice.

"I just hope you didn't do anything with her." He cocked an eye brow making me groan while rubbing my blood shot eyes.

"I think I didn't do anything but I'm not so sure, " I reply as I concentrated on the dust motes dancing in the air. "Just explain what happened before you left for your house".

I heard him sigh heavily before he spoke. "When we arrived at that new bar across Josh's pizza place, that girl you went home with was there trying to get your attention but you didn't notice her because you just wanted to take a few shots and leave, nothing else." He paused as a small fragment of the memory of me preparing for that night crossed my mind but I still couldn't remember the blonde.

"I still can't remember the blonde." I groaned while rubbing my eyes for what felt like the thousandth time.

"Warren," Came her musical voice. "You don't look so good, are you sure you're up for this class?" Val asked but I don't bother opening my eyes even though I wanted to get another look at her face now that I had her attention.

"He's fine, didn't have enough sleep." Replied Crescent as she grunted in response before I heard Steven's pathetic attempts at flirting with her. Urrggh. She doesn't even realise that's what he doing because she's just laughing at his lame jokes and pickup lines.

"Warren, you really don't look like you want to learn," I could detect the concern in his voice. "I shouldn't have let Ken convince me to let you go." Sometimes he sounded like what my dad would sound like if he cared about my whereabouts.

"Look," I talked while my eyes were still closed as I faced the ceiling. "If I didn't want to come to school today, I wouldn't but I really don't want to miss this class because this class is also a very crucial part to my grades so pardon me for being too hungover to care how I look".

"Whatever you say, Warren, I'm just looking out for your sorry behind." He replies and I can detect the resignation in his voice because he doesn't want to go further with this discussion and not especially if I'm like this.

"And you have by idea how grateful I am for that." I say as the constant chattering around me reduces to a faint murmuring and I assume the teacher has decided to grace us with his presence so I open my eyes.

"Good morning students." Came our chemistry teachers croaky voice. I wonder if he too was hungover but that's a little too far because the man was in his late forties or something like that.

"Now open your textbooks to section C on page 451." He announces as I open my textbook hearing the collective fluttering of other people who were moving at the speed of toddlers making me roll my eyes.

The class commences but I'm paying 20% of attention and thinking about last night. I really need to stop drinking on school nights. I just silently thank my stars that I didn't drive and must have hitched a ride home and hopefully didn't do anything with the nameless blonde.

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