Chapter 185 Sleep In The Guestroom

When it was time for lunch and Nina had yet to come downstairs, Mary could not help going up to check. She promptly came down with a long face. “Ari, is this Nina Moran girl here to snatch your man? It’s forgivable if she showered in the room, but what’s up with her sleeping on the bed while wrapped in nothing but a towel? In all the years that I’ve worked for the Tremonts, I’ve never met a woman so immodest here! She’s even using sir’s towel! Revolting! I’ll throw everything out after this!”

Arianne frowned. She would be lying if she said that she did not mind. Even if it wasn’t Mark’s room, it was still also her personal room. She would definitely mind a stranger using her bathroom and bed, plus sleeping in just a towel. Moreover, she was further repulsed when she recalled Mark wearing that towel. He had used it. Even if it had been washed, it was still…

“Mary, wake Nina up for lunch. She needs to get up. Let her sleep in the guest room after lunch. Clean the master bedroom after thi
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