Chapter 191 Nina And Her Spicy Dishes

In the afternoon, Mark came back with Nina. Not only that, but they also came back earlier than usual. It wasn’t even the time for Mark to get off from work. Mark had always been meticulous at work; he would never come home early unless it was under special circumstances.

Nina was carrying big and small bags of ingredients. Mark’s hands were full too. As soon Nina entered the door, she shouted for help. “Mary, come help take these things!”

Mary slowly came out of the kitchen. When she saw the ingredients, she said, “We don’t lack these at home. Why did you buy so much?”

Nina grinned at her. “I don’t wanna be a freeloader! I wouldn’t feel good doing that if I’m staying here long. These are all the things that Mark and I love, so just use the stuff I bought for dinner tonight.”

Seeing that Mark didn’t say anything, Mary had no choice but to take all the stuff into the kitchen.

Despite hearing the commotion downstairs, Arianne didn’t try to participate. She just continued reading her
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