Chapter 192 Stealing The Leftovers

Mark smiled faintly. “She isn’t in good health. Don’t worry about her, and let’s just eat by ourselves.”

Nina scooped some food into Mark’s bowl. “Here, try this. You used to love eating this. I specifically requested your chef to make it. By the way, why is Arianne in poor health? She looks sickly, and I heard that she just got discharged from the hospital. What happened?”

A conflicted look flashed across Mark’s face. “She was bleeding excessively after her miscarriage. It was negligence on my part. Fortunately, she’s fine now.”

Nina stuck her tongue out. “Seems like I asked about something I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry. By the way, if I may ask, how did you end up marrying her? I heard from my dad that she’s the orphan you took in back then. It was her father’s mistake that led to a plane crash that killed your family. I’m just a bit curious… Why would you choose to be with her? I know that you’re a kind person, so there’s nothing wrong with taking her in. However, given your differ
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Sonia Misa Alvarez
His other wonen are quite uncouth
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Hah! Mary is such a dense hopeless romantic!
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she’s concerned about Ari’s presumed lack of etiquette while herself being obnoxiously rude.

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