Chapter 234 An Intention Behind His Every Action

Half a minute later, Jackson got off of her. Tiffany got up and straightened her clothes, feeling slightly out of breath. “Umm… It’s getting late. I’ll come back early tomorrow morning and clean. You go to sleep first, I’m leaving!”

Jackson sat on the edge of the bed with his back facing her, so Tiffany couldn’t see the expression on his face. Since he didn’t say anything, she took it as a silent approval and left quickly.

She didn’t expect to encounter this kind of situation in her normal part time job. Nevertheless, it wasn’t hard to understand. A guy like Jackson was probably used to things like this. Maybe another woman would come here as soon as she left.

The next day at the Tremont Estate…

Arianne got up early. Mark and Nina were still asleep. She returned the call she got from Tiffany, who was still muddle-headed from her sleep. Basically, the person they hired found out that Mr. Sloane was taken away by someone from the mailing address and he had fallen sick at the time. Th
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