Chapter 252 Warm Water Or Hot Water?

Thinking that things had come to an end, they managed to find out that someone had been behind this at this juncture of time. While Jackson had employed public relations to handle Tiffany’s case, someone went against him in secret, which was why nothing seemed to work. Jackson asked for the matter to be investigated and received news that it was actually Aery.

Everyone was bewildered when they discovered the culprit, but Arianne knew why. She asked Henry to send her to the Kinseys’ without hesitation. She had not gone in a cab because she was afraid of looking weak. She was there to settle the accounts!

Helen was eager to curry favor with her, so she certainly wouldn’t stop her at the door. Arianne took off her high heels once she entered the door lest they get in the way when she moved later. “Where’s Aery?”

Helen looked at her lovingly. “Your sister isn’t up yet.”

Arianne chuckled icily. “She mustn’t have slept well from doing too many bad things at night huh? Where’s her room? I hav
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