Chapter 283 Can’t Be Helped

A barely noticeable smile tugged at Jackson’s lips. “Sure, I’ll take it that she didn’t mention anything about resigning. I’ll keep my words and double her salary. However, please keep this to yourself since it’s unprecedented.”

Tiffany placed the cash that she had just retrieved from the general accounting department on Jackson’s desk. “Here’s the wage that I took earlier.”

Jackson shook his head. “Hold on to it. Your salary will still be remunerated this month. These will be considered as your annual bonus. We’ll subtract them at that time. Take the day off and come back to work tomorrow. Adjust your state of mind for now.”


Noontime. Arianne called Tiffany. “Why aren’t you here? You didn’t complete your resignation in time?”

Tiffany sighed. “My whole life is a mess because of my mom. I won’t be able to work with you. I’m sorry, Ari…”

Arianne knew what had happened without needing Tiffany to go into details. “It’s okay. Jackson’s company is not bad at all. You’ll have a lot of opp
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