Chapter 323 Stay The Night

Looking at her determined front while carrying Rice Ball, Mark felt a mix of emotions. It seemed that he was the only one she was heartless to. She could even treasure a cat so much…

Arianne dared not get into his car, knowing that he was a germaphobe and worrying that Rice Ball’s fur would shed in the car. “You didn’t actually have to rush here… Today’s drip is done, it’s just that I can’t feed it the medication alone at home… It has to come back tomorrow for drip still.”

Mark hopped out of the car and grabbed the pet carrier that housed Rice Ball before tossing it into the vehicle. “I don’t have time for your nonsense. Get in.”

Arianne was surprised, worried that something would happen to Rice Ball from the rough handling but dared not argue with him. The weather was hot and dry, inevitably making one lose its cool quickly. A person like him would be riled up easily.

Back to the apartment, Mark took off his suit jacket and tossed it on the couch right as he stepped inside before he r
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The lack of communication and over abundance of assumptions and misunderstandings between these characters is a slow motion train wreck. I can’t look away
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Needs work also but enjoying the story line
goodnovel comment avatar
Like the story line. But characters are to robotic. Ariannes feelings towards mark are unclear and contradicting does she love him and not realise she loves him.....also why does every time their intimate read like she is being excuse the phrasing raped. The wording doesn’t fit the scene. Grammar

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