Chapter 328 Guilt And Hypocrisy

She woke up from the heat the next morning. Mark’s arm was draped across her chest, making it very difficult for her to breathe. She was so hot that her hair was sticking onto her face.

He was breathing into her neck, and he wasn’t covered by the blanket at all. He slept with his entire head on top of her body and it was impossible for her not to feel hot!

She really disliked feeling sweaty. She struggled away from the confines of him and the quilt, got up and took a shower. When she emerged from the bathroom, she felt much more refreshed. She suddenly noticed that Rice Ball wasn’t asleep in its nest. She called out to it, and Rice Ball jumped off the sofa and gracefully walked towards her. It had only been a few short days but the fat cat had already lost a lot of weight. However, it was still recovering from its illness. Previously, Rice Ball had lost its energy. At least it could walk now. That was a good thing.

Just as she was about to pick Rice Ball into her arms out of pity, M
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