Chapter 343 I Won’t Let Anyone Hurt Him

“What happened?” After a long pause, she finally steadied her emotions and found her voice again.

“I’m not sure either. Your mother came to my house at around two in the afternoon yesterday, and gave me a piece of information. It was about Mark’s company issues. I went to Mark’s office to wait for him, because he was completing some work outside. He got into an accident on the way back. I don’t know what happened during this period of time. I’ve found a witness, but they said that Mark himself went past the speed limit, then suddenly lost control and crashed into the median strip,” Jackson explained in a grim voice.

Past the speed limit? Arianne knew Mark very well. He was always calm and steady in everything he did. How could he possibly have gone past the speed limit?

She instinctively pushed the blame onto Helen. “What useful information could she possibly have? She’s left the Kinseys. She’s nothing now. How could she possibly help Mark? Why, of all times, did she have to do it a
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