Chapter 362 Just A Pawn

Jean got up from the ground with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. “That’s right... Arianne still has the money and house in her hand. Those add up to about three million dollars, which will be enough to last us for a while! Let’s go find her!”

After doing some investigating, Aery learned that Arianne had been hospitalized since last night. She stormed to the hospital, only to be stopped by the bodyguards at the door. By now, she no longer cared about keeping up her image as a lady from a wealthy family. “Let me in! Let me find that bitch!”

Mary heard the commotion outside the ward. Her face sank as soon as she went out. “Why are you here?”

Aery tried her best to stand on her toes to catch a glimpse inside the ward. “Arianne is in there, right? Let me in! I have an urgent matter!”

Aery looked more like she was here to kill instead of looking for someone. Naturally, Mary wouldn’t allow her to pass. “Miss Kinsey, our madam isn’t well enough to receive guests. Please leave or I’ll have t
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