Chapter 388 Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires

After listening to Ethan’s words, Mark discovered the lengths Mr. Sloane had gone to conceal Ethan’s involvement in the plane crash. He even chose to shoulder the burden alone.

Ethan was only about ten years old, and yet, he already harbored such intense malice and hatred. It was no surprise that such a boy would rise to this position today by leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

The most ironic thing, however, was that George was wrong. He knew about Mark’s conversation with his father in the latter’s study, but he had no inkling of what came after; the young boy had gone to his mother’s room immediately later. It was that fateful night that Mark Tremont had to discard his innocence. It was that night when he finally understood how bitter reality was.

He had gone to his mother’s bedroom straight from his father’s study because his poor mother had become so bedridden that it was a toil for her to walk. He did not expect his mother was already aware of her husband’s illegitimate son. S
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