Chapter 394 Plot Twist

“I didn’t expect you to be so efficient. This is for the best. I can propose to Tiffany as soon as possible.”

Mark was not at all interested if Ethan was going to get married or not. “Sign the transfer agreement now. I don’t have time for a chat.”

Ethan leisurely signed his name on the document and looked up as he asked, “If I get married, as my elder brother, you’ll be there, right?”

“Don’t cross the line!” Mark stared at him dead in the eyes.

Ethan shrugged as he smiled meaningfully. “Am I? I asked you to give me everything related to the Tremonts, but since you’re reluctant, I don’t want to force you either. I can have everything by depending on myself. However, it also won’t do me any harm if I announce that I’m a Tremont as well. In fact, it would be advantageous to me. You won’t disagree, right? After all, you’ve told Arianne everything I’ve done. How you explain yourself and how sticky a situation it is for you has nothing to do with me. You have to act like we have a close rela
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