Chapter 408 Sugar, Spice, And Everything… Nice

“Oh, yeah, the money and property that you gave me, I don’t want them. I didn’t bring them out today. I’ll return them to you the next time,” Arianne said calmly, distancing herself from Helen.

Helen’s smile froze. “It’s been so long. You should just accept them. To be honest, Aery is freeloading in my house now. Whatever she has and uses are all mine, she asks for allowances from me too. If you return the house and money to me, she’ll take them. I’ve provided more than enough for her, that’s why she has the habit of asking for things. I won’t give her anything anymore, just keep them.”

Arianne did not imagine Aery would be such a leech. She was already an adult, but she was acting like a big baby staying in her divorced mother’s house. She could not help feeling Helen was biased. Now that the Kinseys had gone bankrupt, Aery could not possibly be the only one freeloading in Helen’s home. Jean must be there as well.

Arianne took a sip of her juice. “I’ll take care of them for you then.
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