Chapter 410 Sleep

Arianne rarely took the initiative to talk to him, but they had been interacting a lot recently, much more than the first half of their lives. Mark answered her question to the best of his ability, “It’s Jackson. His photos at the nightclub were taken and posted online. It’s nothing serious.”

Arianne’s eyes widened. “Risqué photos? Weren’t you together with Jackson and Eric at those places last time? Have people taken photos of you?”

Mark glared at her and said huffily, “I went there for the ambiance. They went there for the fun. It’s not the same. Even if they took photos of me, it won’t be interesting.”

After dinner, Mark returned to the room and texted Ethan. “It was you, right?”

He got a reply swiftly. “Tell me that when you have proof.”

The matter was not severe so it was unnecessary to pursue it. However, it was likely that Ethan was the culprit. After all, he considered Jackson his love rival. In the end, Mark only warned Ethan. “Stop laying your fingers on people around me.”

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