Chapter 454 I’ll Always Be Here

”Purposefully choosing a time when I’m not around to come back... Are you that eager to avoid me? If you’re going to leave, you should at least say goodbye. “

It was difficult for her to distinguish the emotions in his tone, but great suffering lay beneath the undercurrents of his calm facade.

She did not turn around, as she was unsure of how to face him. How was she supposed to speak frankly to him, acting as if nothing had happened?

After a bout of silence, he took her luggage downstairs.

This surprised her.

She thought that he would stop her from leaving, restricting her in every way, like the madman he was in the past, and force her into staying with him. She was afraid of that, if she was being honest. However, to her surprise, he seemed perfectly calm. She heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, she could bring herself to say a few kind words to him.

Arianne tucked her hair behind her ear as she followed him down the stairs. Lowering her head, she mumbled, “I’m on
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