Chapter 496 Buzz, Coffee’s Ready

Before Naya spoke, the woman smiled. “Arianne, I didn’t expect you to be working at a place like this. Mark darling doesn’t want you anymore? How delightful! Didn’t I tell you that you won’t have a happy ending.”

Arianne’s expression darkened, she did not expect to see Aery here. “Aery, watch your words. I didn’t expect to see you here in this place either. You weren’t able to survive in the capital, were you? Eat if you want, scram if you’re not. I have no obligation to serve you.”

This was Naya’s first time seeing Arianne’s harsh side. She felt greatly satisfied since her anger was vented. “This is our boss. We’re the employees.”

Aery did not think much of Arianne just because she owned a dessert shop. “I heard the dessert shop here isn’t bad with desserts that taste like a master’s work. I was wondering who it is, but now I know it’s nothing but a gimmick after seeing the owner. Even if you’re not an employee, you’re only an owner of a dessert shop. What’s the big deal? I came here
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