Chapter 516 With Relatives Like These

Arianne’s phone, set on the coffee table, suddenly rang.

She dashed to answer it and found Tiffany on the other side. “Yellow, Ari! How’s it been lately? Gotten used to living without me around yet?”

Arianne feigned dolefulness. “No, I’m not used to it, and I’m still scared to tears living alone! Do you know I never walk if I could instead run to the café or back home every night? Oh, but when I think about it, there isn’t anything specific to be concerned about; I’m just a scaredy-cat. Say, how’re things on your end lately? Everything’s going well with Jackson, I presume?”

It was one of those days when Tiffany could not spend the night with Jackson; this time, it was because someone had come to visit her. “Oh, it’s okay, I guess? …Alright, I’ll be honest with you — I’m like, a little bit insecure, okay? I read a lot of articles about relationships and love and stuff on the internet, and I’ve concluded that a guy like him should have his desires denied a few times, once in a while. Lik
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