Chapter 565 & Chapter 566

As if seeing through her mind, Mark said, “I can give you time, but not so that you could dismiss me and drag my time along. You have to consider our relationship seriously. If you can’t do it, I’ll just take you back. Don’t ask me to give you up, I can’t.”

Arianne felt like something was not right here. She frowned. “This isn’t fair. Either I agree to be with you in the end, or I’ll be forced to go back with you. Don’t I have the right to refuse? If I still can’t do it after consideration, I’ll have to go back with you, regardless—then what was the point of giving me time? To let me persuade myself to be with you? Don’t you think that your request is unreasonable? Normally, shouldn’t it be you giving me time to consider, and if I can’t get it past myself, we’ll go our separate ways?”

Mark looked at her and pronounced each word clearly. “That’s right. Me giving you time is only for you to get used to it, to recognize the fact that you won’t be able to leave me. Ever. It’s not for you t
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