Chapter 632 Scandal In The Clothing Department?

Tiffany could not help but feel anxious. Jackson clearly told her that he would be at the office today. What was he doing here? Moreover, he looked like he was here shopping with someone. He was sitting in the Tremont Enterprise clothing shop as though he was waiting for someone.

She hinted at Aye to keep her mouth shut as her eyes were trained on Jackson. Around five minutes later, a tall and slender woman with long, straight hair emerged from the dressing room. She showed Jackson the white fur coat she had tried on and even twirled around in a charming manner.

Jackson had his back to Tiffany so she could not see the expression on his face. However, she could clearly see the woman smiling. Moreover, she was smiling very prettily with a hint of coquettishness. She looked like a much-doted-on princess.

The completely ignorant Aye said, “Is that Mr. West’s fianceé? She’s really pretty. She’s got a great body as well. I think she’s at least 170cm tall, just like a supermodel…”

Tiffany ins
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