Chapter 660 Defining Importance

Jackson mumbled an indifferent reply, closed his eyes and leaned back on the car seat in silence.

Once they arrived back at White Water Bay Villa, he took off his bloodied shirt and got into the shower. Tiffany took out the first aid kit and quietly waited. She wanted to soothe the trauma plaguing his mind. She wanted him to really cheer up. She would always stay by his side.

Jackson suddenly slid his hand down her clothes from behind while she was lost in her thoughts. Then, he climbed on top of her, “I want you…”

They hadn’t been intimate for a while due to Bernadette’s troublemaking. She nearly lost control when she smelled the fresh scent of his body wash. However, she knew that he was only seeking psychological comfort and was simply trying to release it out of habit, just like his wanton, carefree past. She had to help him get rid of this habit. She only wanted to be intimate with him in the name of love.

She pushed him away, pulled out the alcohol swab to clean his wound, “No.
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