Chapter 701 Alejandro’s Name Card

It took her half a minute before she could return to her senses. In disbelief, she said, “Did… Mr. Smith help me get rid of Grant Jackson?” That was absurd. She didn’t know this Mr. Smith from Adam. Not only had he given her a bottle of liquor at the bar, but he was involving himself in her personal affairs. How did he find out about this? She felt as though she were being watched…

The young man did not deny it. “This is Mr. Smith’s name card.”

She accepted the name card. “Please thank him for me, and… Why did he help me? I don’t think we know each other.”

The man simply smiled, got into his car, and left.

She found it very strange. She stared at the namecard, feeling puzzled. Alejandro Smith, Executive President of Smith Enterprises. She had never heard of him before. However, the most important matter at hand was to console Lillian. She did not call to thank him immediately. Instead, she stuffed the name card into her bag.

Lillian refused to open the door when Tiffany knocked on the
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