Chapter 716 You’re Always Right!

She glared at him. “None of your business!”

He kicked her luggage away. “You’ve said it. You’ve apologized and explained, so now the ball’s in my court, okay? Can we stop talking about this? It’s late; let’s get some sleep.”

The very mention of sleep made her boil over with rage again. Back in the Tremont Estate, when she couldn’t eat a single bite, he ate as if nothing had happened and slept as if everything was fine. He looked as if he had simply moved on. At this point, she felt as if chopping someone up alive would be the most cruel thing, but he was quiet, he said nothing and simply stared at her with a cold look on his face. Who could possibly stand that? They had obviously parted on bad terms on Friday, and he never made a single move to contact her — for two days! Suddenly, she felt as if he didn’t care about her at all!

“You might be able to sleep, but I can’t! You have no heart, you don’t hurt, you feel nothing, but I’m not like you!”

Flying into a rage mixed with her own gri
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