Chapter 729 An Inadvertent Kiss

Lynn chuckled softly. “I know another secret. Wanna hear about it?” She took advantage of Jackson’s momentary confusion and pounced on him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him. She was skilled in self-defense, she was not the average delicate and frail female.

Jackson was taken aback. However, he quickly regained his senses and began to struggle. Unfortunately, he could not break free from her hold.


In the silver sports car.

Tiffany’s face turned ashen. She was worried about Jackson so she decided to check on him at the West Residence. However, she saw his car at the intersection and this scene… From her point of view, she could see Jackson’s side profile with his back against her as he seemingly held Lynn. They were in the middle of a passionate kiss!

Jackson’s struggle only made it look like he was lost in his desire.

Tiffany was glad she had come alone. Arianne had volunteered to come with her, but Mark refused to let Arianne go. It was a good thing that Mark lent
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