Chapter 741 Know Your Place

“The only thing that will ever be appropriate between us is to go out and have fun. There’s no need to come to my office or anything like that from now on. There are too many people around, and there will certainly be gossip, which will affect me, understand? You’re my lover, not my girlfriend. You’re certainly not going to be my wife. That’s not your place.”

Sasha was stunned. She simply thought he was different from what Desdemona and everyone else had described him to be. He did not touch her last night, but he gave her money all the same. She thought he was a pretty good guy, that was why she wanted to get to know him. Perhaps, they could start a relationship. She did not expect him to figuratively pour a bucket of cold water on her, revealing the harsh reality. Their relationship had always been a ‘secret’. “I understand. I’ll leave right now… Will you call me?”

Jackson did not reply.

Sasha was too afraid of lingering. She left very quickly.

Aye stopped her when she was at the ele
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