Chapter 748 A Chance Encounter

Tiffany mentally calculated the cost of dinner. It seemed like the dinner was going to cost her almost one-month of her salary. However, she felt indebted to Summer. After all, Summer had bought her so many things, and it certainly cost much more than this meal.

Summer asked casually, “When is Arianne’s due date? It’s quite difficult for her since she can’t move around freely during her pregnancy.”

“I’m not quite sure as well. I think it should be in May or June. Mark went for a business trip a while back. He video-calls her every day to check on her. He really adores Ari. I pray she’ll be able to safely deliver the baby. At that time, she won’t have any more regrets. I didn’t get to see her these past few days. If I’m not mistaken, Mark just returned two days ago.” Tiffany chatted about daily affairs with Summer in a relaxed manner.

Tanya who was sitting with them appeared out of place and awkward. She found it difficult to participate in their conversation so she just looked around
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