Chapter 750 The Disgusting Perfume

Sasha’s pitiful and surprised voice entered his ear. “I’m… at a coffee shop nearby. Would… Would you like to join me?”

Jackson told her to wait for him before he ended the call.

After he picked her up, he drove directly to a hotel.

During the ride, Sasha remained silent. She did not know what was running through his mind nor did she dare to ask when she saw his dark expression.

As soon as they exited the car, Jackson grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the reserved suite in a hurry. As soon as they entered the suite, he pushed her up against the wall.

Sasha was taken aback and scared by the passionate kiss. However, there was no hiding her happiness. It seemed like Desdemona was right. Jackson was extremely skilled. Although he was slightly rough, she still enjoyed herself. Seemingly without effort, he stoked the desire in her, and her body softened. It did not take long before she got used to his tempo and moves. She put her arms around his neck and returned his kiss. When she rea
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