Chapter 767 The Bet: Ugly Or Pretty Baby?

Tiffany casually sat down next to her. “We’re from the working class. We’re too busy trying to earn money to support our families. Unlike you, lying at home with someone who can pay everything for you. We don’t have a choice, do we? If you want me to keep you company every day, tell Mark to pay me for my services in chatting with you, and I’ll keep you company 24/7. I’ll chat with you until you get tired of chatting with me, until you can’t stand the sight of me! Alright… Actually, I was binge-watching last night, ‘cos it was Friday. I nearly didn’t wake up last night. Forgive me, best friend!”

Arianne snorted. “I’d love to pay you as my personal companion… You have drive. You won’t come anyway. How are things at Eric’s? Have you adapted to the working environment?”

Tiffany glanced at Tanya. “Of course, with Tan around, I got used to it easily. Even the boss is my friend. I’m like a fish in water at the company. How could I not get used to that?”

Tanya smiled as she chimed in, “That’s
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