Chapter 778 Your Body Is More Honest Than You

Tiffany saw another person at home after her bath; it was the last person she ever wanted to see!

Jackson was wearing an apron and concentrating on his cooking. He did not even turn around to look at her. “Mark called and told me that Arianne has a bad appetite. He asked me to cook something and send it to the hospital. We’ve got no choice. She’s pregnant. Besides, I don’t have any ingredients at home, and it’s too late for me to go and buy them. I do know that my mom has sent you quite a lot of ingredients. Moreover, your apartment is much closer to the hospital compared to my place. So I took the initiative and came here directly to cook for Arianne. In short, I’m doing this for your best friend. Do you have a problem with it?”

Tiffany was tongue-tied after listening to what he said. His reason was quite valid, and she had no way to retort to him. She could not and would not stand in his way.

She then took a deep breath, pretending he was not there. She opened the small refrigerato
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