Chapter 806 Jackson’s Apology

’Don’t go, or you’ll face the consequences yourself. I’m certainly not going to seek you out again’ — he added to his message, perhaps afraid of her refusal.

She turned speechless once again, then remembered the unfortunate circumstances in the morning. He had already apologized, she had no reason to sulk over it. However, going to his house clearly entailed… a deeper meaning. Should she go? She was conflicted, as she didn’t want to maintain such a shady relationship between them. However, she was worried that he wouldn’t contact her again. She searched her heart; she didn’t want to cut ties with him or for him to cut ties with her.

After some thought, she admitted: ‘I’ll go if you promise not to do anything to me.’

Jackson didn’t answer. Instead, he drove his car towards her and honked. She knew what he meant — get in the car, he would drive her.

She got into his car. “I haven’t eaten. I’m guessing you haven’t either? Let’s have a meal together.”

“Alejandro asked you out for dinner to
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