Chapter 873 Touched And Go (Far Away To Avoid Answering The Question)

The corner of Mark’s lips trembled a little. After being patient for so long, he was finally allowed to sleep with the woman he loved and enjoy her at night without holding back, which was why nothing could be less horrifying than the prospect of sleeping alone for the rest of his life. Yet, at the same time, he frowned at the idea of Arianne going out there for work.

It was not that he was chauvinistic or old-fashioned. He just did not want his sweetheart to break a sweat, ever.

Fine, maybe the other teensy-weensy factor was that there were too many men out there who could fall for her beauty, and Mark was not okay with that at all.

Arianne had not the slightest bit idea of the direction Mark’s thoughts had taken. She was too excited to hear his answer tomorrow. Naturally, she was sure that he would, ultimately, consent to her request and let her get a job.

Then, in the darkness, she heard the unmistakable sound of a plastic packet being ripped open.

A shiver ran through her body
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