Chapter 894 Back To The Condo

Tiffany paused then said, “Ari, I think I might need you to come with me somewhere. That large refrigerator from Jackson’s mother is still in the condo. The condo has a small fridge too, and it should be enough for Tanya alone. What if she decides to move out one day? Would the fridge be given to the landlord or would she sell it off? I can’t waste someone else’s gift. I have to send someone over to move it to my mom’s place for me. As it happens, my mom was complaining about our small fridge.”

Arianne agreed. She hailed a cab on her way out instead of asking Henry to drop her off.

Tiffany had already contacted the moving company when the pair met up. She drove her car and led the way, while the moving company’s small truck trailed behind them. Arianne sat in the front seat, fanning herself with her hand. “It’s so hot. More air-conditioning, please.”

Tiffany laughed sheepishly. “It’s already at full blast. It’ll cool down soon. We’ve just started our journey anyway. I’ve sent a mess
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