Chapter 908 Of Course, It Wasn’t An “Accident”

The lawyer smiled. “You have a rather special technique in extortion, quite feisty. It looks like you won’t be signing this contract, then. Allow me to inform you on the follow-up procedure for child care expenses. First, you’ll have to prove that Mr. West is indeed the father of your baby. Then, you’ll have to submit an appeal for child care expenses. If Mr. West refuses, this procedure will be lengthened. You’re a girl, all alone, and without any income. Can you go through this pregnancy? Think about it, carefully. I’ll take my leave.”

Tanya angrily swept the cup on the coffee table onto the ground as she watched the lawyer walk away. She was determined to give birth to this baby, even if she received nothing from it in the end. She may be alone, but she had nothing to worry about. As long as this child existed… As long as she insisted that it belonged to Jackson West, it would always be a thorn in Tiffany Lane’s side. If she couldn’t have him, Tiffany would never have him either! H
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