Chapter 915 Mercy In A Hopeless Place

Tanya had slipped in a drug into Jackson’s drink that night. That was the real reason why he had been so thoroughly knocked-out, and why it was impossible to have him do anything, let alone sex. The blood on the sheet? Tanya staged it.

Per Alejandro’s scheme, she had sex with Jett three times. The best-case scenario was to make Tanya pregnant and to make the conception seem as realistically tied to the hoax as possible. Even if she did not manage to get impregnated on time, Tanya was supposed to fake it until she made it. Even the worst-case scenario—if Tanya just could not get pregnant—had contingency plans.

She had been overjoyed and relieved when she succeeded in her pregnancy. But now, looking back, all she had achieved was shackling herself with a self-made burden.

For her pregnancy, and also because she was too ashamed to continue working for Eric, Tanya had been subsisting on Alejandro’s allowance after she quit her job. It was Alejandro who paid for her livelihood, which was
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