Chapter 944 Working Overtime Is Just An Adult’s Version Of Detention

The two of them looked at each other and shook their heads. Obviously worried, neither dared walk into the office right then and there.

It was only after the financial department was done being screamed at and had all come out of the room with defeated, pale faces that the two fearfully entered the office. They pretended to have heard nothing prior to their entry and focused on their work, pointedly ignoring Jackson out of fear.

Unfortunately, sometimes a mine just did not need anything to detonate it. Even without prompt, Jackson took out the rest of his anger on Amy.

“I’m under the impression that you’ve been working under us for many, many years, haven’t you, Miss Velasquez? Hmm? Do you know that, before our compartmentalization, this place used to be our company's headquarter, governed by my mother before she passed the baton to me? In other words, this is like our second HQ! So tell me, why the heck was my ‘second HQ’ bombing so hard last year, huh? And now, based on the perfor
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