Chapter 952 Tanya Visits Eric

Her feelings for Eric couldn’t be explained. She thought that it was love, at first. Later, she realized that it was completely different from what she had felt for Jackson. Now, she believed that Eric felt more like a brother to her, like family. She wanted to stay at the hospital but was afraid of running into Arianne and the rest. She still felt very concerned.

Just as she was growing fidgety, she heard the sound of a key turning in the doorknob. Only Jett had the keys to her place.

Jett had mentioned that he had to take a trip to South Park with Alejandro and that he would probably be staying for a week. She was surprised by his early return and got up. “Have you eaten?” she asked. “I… I didn’t know that you’d be back so soon. I haven’t had time to cook.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Jett calmly replied. “Are you going out?”

Only then did Tanya realize that she had been holding her phone and keys, looking as if she was ready to head out. She paused and decided to be honest. “I’m goi
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