Chapter 994 And He knows

Tanya did not sense anything amiss. She only wondered why both grandfather and son seemed distant. “Okay, I’ll get to it now. Both of you can catch up.”

Don Smith stared at Jett for a good few seconds before he turned around and made his way into the bedroom. “Let’s talk inside. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your wife finding out about everything.”

Jett bit the bullet and followed him inside before he carefully shut the door. “Sir… What is it you want? My marriage is a small matter, I didn’t want to trouble you. It wasn’t a big event either…”

Don Smith suddenly flew into a rage. “Your wife has told me everything she knows. She actually thinks that I’m your grandfather, she suspects nothing. How long did you plan on keeping this from me? How dare you betray me! Don’t forget, you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are if it weren’t for me!”

Jett immediately fell to his knees, lowering his head. Panic flashed in his eyes as he pleaded, “Tanya has nothing to do with this. Please have m
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